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então vá filha

o recalque tá pulsando, tá dominando

i have to woooooooork

i don’t watch free actually but from what my sister tells me and i see around i can say i very like this whole ‘makoto wants to go to the faraway university’ thing.

he doesn’t knows for sure, is it? but you know, haru really got pissed off about it, as if it was makoto’s obligation to stay. i’m not judging haru here; it’s more like it is way better than if he accepted with his mouth shut. the both of them know they can’t live without each other, and you can consider that concern too, but it’s still selfish from haru to expect makoto to do everything by his side, even if this is going to happen anyway.

it makes me care more about their characters than it would be if he simply accepted it and cried when out of reach.


This is the only boy who hasn’t experienced any angst, protect him at all cost

you’re not whole unless it’s punk


its 2020, grrm finally finishes asoiaf

jojen reed has the iron throne, he conquereed along jeyne westerling and tysha.

edric storm is azor ahai.

During middle school, I spent my whole time studying. There was nothing in my life that could be considered fun. Over time, I no longer knew what I was studying so hard for. From them on, studying started to become painful for me.

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No.6Mean Girls Edition

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