If someone tells me that it’s wrong to hope, I’ll tell them they’re wrong every time.




                                 save urself from anime



Halloween is almost here! | Original by Yana Toboso


when you’re kind of an asshole but you do something really nice once and people act so surprised about it like



Well….It’s good to know the team was left in good hands.

  that blond guy    r i s e    swimming anime  


This really is our last summer, isn’t it?

Free! requested by kiri-chi

happy but dissapointed


Don’t know what i should say,bc i’m a shitty person  btw, well i’m really happy that still so many people follow me, and i still ask WHY,!! explain me guys… YEH well… Thank you all guys!

Free! is about to end and my blog it is all about my gays swimmer, it’s just so sad that it’s about to end, so thank you all again for supporting me all those days 

and don’t know what to say more, so, meet my UKES

Everyone is sexy

Bold - my ukes

akahito chizusu cierin escarletes  gaarakagez tsukiyma hakuryuu-nyan hanae-ichihara happyshinji haruuka irishiko izumou kanneki kazuunari kirikkos kirishii kisacchii kurokucchi lickyaoi mmakotoz mmatsuokah mochiru moemoekyuuun murasockibara nanaseharuu

nannaseharu noctolia oumoi queerus r-itsukki reirygazaki samezukaz sekai-ichi shvtoku ssousuke star-kiid tachibanos thenameofjudar tottorin yamazakisoussuke yuikkos yukkie-s yuucchi

i figured it out

the only possible ending for dnangel is poligamy