“There is no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you’re alive. Everybody goes to the same place once you die. Death is Equal”

where’s the glory in repeating what others have done? all the gods know how to do is replay their past. my heart wasn’t in it.

did you sleep well
the night i let you fall
or did you cried out loud
as a kid would after all

did you scream when
i slept outside
and looked at you
by every moonlight

and i will tell you
again and again
that i don’t look back
not even when i can

is it that i can’t hold
a feeling, an anger
or do i just don’t want to
take you to the nightlights?

across the streets
inside the lake
in my mind
and by your hands
there is something
i just can’t change
and i won’t bet
another bill

i’ll lose it anyway
so i take my pill
once you get addicted
you can’t pick a feel

uh really can we talk about that music video. Like, all I read is people saying she’s racist and she just fucked up with people’s view over Japan with that video, but I’m 100% sure she meant to do the exact opposite.

If you read the lyrics and really try to understand the video, she showed us the current, general view over Japan around the world. Kawaii, sweets, sake and whatever else you watch in the video, besides the lyrics, that say “let’s all slumber party” or “let’s play truth or dare now”, what should be the general views over japanese girls, who like to play all night, have fun and don’t worry about anything besides being cute and wearing the latest lolita fashion. That’s what most of the world thinks about Japan now, you can’t deny that.

So really, Hello Kitty isn’t a racist song, and feels more like a protest over japanese stereotypes.

fuck this shit; a fanmix made specially for emilly’s birthday, giving you all a great summary of what kind of queen she is. the tracklist is v long and i want it to be a surprise so have fun listening!! #bad bitch

aoba ridin virus like that’s my trojan horse

she thinks she’s drowning in tea
tea drops all over your violet skin
she thinks she’s drowning in tea
writing goodbye letters to everyone
she thinks she’s drowning in tear
oh, what a lovely sweat

she’s drowning in tea
that’s what she thinks
let me break your neck
and bring you back

you’re not flying
not yet
remain in the ground
you’re not alone

stop stepping over
the broken glass
and holding yourself to
stones you know they’ll be taken by the storm
all that remains is you and another void

if you’re going to drown
in a sweet tea
at least let it be
by me.

she’s drowning in tea; tea drops all over your violet skin, writing goobye letters to everyone.

i. the cold in you phaeleh ii. fiction the xx iii. black dirt sea wolf iv. 7/4(shoreline) broken social scene v. hear me imagine dragons vi. overjoyed bastille vii. flume bon iver viii. stop crying your heart out oasis ix. elevator love letter stars x. lonely hearts club marina and the diamonds xi. stand on the horizon franz ferdinand xii. 400 lux lorde